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HHA Marketscape “Start the New Year with a Bang
During this 60-minute training session we will help sales reps get up to speed on the most important functions and metrics in Marketscape, so they can be highly productive while out in the field. The session will focus on Marketscape Mobile, as well as a review our customers “Top 10 Support Requests” from 2021 so we help address some of the most common FAQ’s from our users. Attending this webinar will allow attendees to gain confidence in knowing how to:
• Look up and review Top Metrics on a provider while in the field
• Navigate their list of assigned,favorited, and targeted accounts
• Toggle between Top Metrics and Conversation Starters for a provider
• Email themselves a Sales Spotlight
• Know when to go into Marketscape Desktop
• Understand how to overcome common issues that our Support team sees most including printing, creating presentations, reporting bugs, providers not found, definitions, etc.


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